China, the guardian for 41 years in a bomb shelter secret

Share 03 January, 2017Officers of the military district of Ceheng, in the autonomous region of the Qianxinan Bouyei and Miao, were surprised by the request of an elder retired local He Wenxun “replace it with your fellow soldiers more young people as caretakers of an important government secret”. It was an air-raid shelter secret, built under the man’s house in 1975.
All this time, 41 years old, the man leading the double life: by day he was the head of the household the normal and night by mounting the guard in the bomb shelter intended for members of the chinese government. Initially, at the command of He Wenxun in 1975, there were 100 men, but after the death of the Great Helmsman, But Zedong, comrades-in-arms were transferred to other destinations and He was left alone.
The vertices have simply forgotten the “eternal guardian” and the refuge itself. After she put on the family, the man simply moved into the shelter to live in, by the family entrance into the “secret government site”.
He hoped to always be a day contacted by the military commands for the replacement. In the end, however, he decided to apply to the district local military.
After 41 years of impeccable service, the family only now they knew the reason for his tenacious refusal to live in the house with them.

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