The consumption of refined foods and sugars around the world
are leading to obesity and poor health.Healthy cooking and
healthy eating habits go together, and there are many
different ways to make food tasty rather than boring. There
are cooking techniques to enhance flavors and improve
health simultaneously. Each type of healthy food has its
own benefits; for example, wheat germ and fiber are known
to fight illness and cancer causing agents.
Healthy eating habits can be cultivated at home by cooking
recipes that are full of the goodness of health. Choose to
serve fresh vegetables and fruits, fish and lean meat; make
salads, cook in olive oil and use herbs and spices rather
than store bought fat rich sauces and dressings. These foods
will help to fight illness and promote longevity.
Make sure to grocery shop for only the healthiest foods and
bypass all those tempting refined foods and snacks. Natural
foods are generally stored around the perimeter of the store
as you already know. Healthy cooking will help you reduce
the amount of time you spend in the kitchen frying stuff.

Select in-season fruits and vegetables and choose the ones
with rich colors; all the nutrients are in the color rich
fruits and vegetables. Use steaming and stir fry methods
to cook vegetables so that they don’t lose their rich supply
of vitamins and minerals. All it takes is a bit of creativity
and interest to mix and match foods to turn out some really
great tasting meals.

Try making simple substitutes to your cooking; for example, you can puree tomatoes in your food processor and do away
with readymade sauces that are rich in calories and
cholesterol. Forget all those fat rich, gooey salad
dressings, think of all the health problems you can avoid
by saying no to overly fat rich, calorie rich, cholesterol
filled foods. Salsa is a great topper from pizzas to salads
and so much more; the good thing about it is it does not
contain any fat and is actually a healthy alternative to
the rich salad dressings.
Why is there suddenly so much emphasis on healthy cooking?
The answer is very simple; it helps to keep you and your
family healthy. By reducing fat intake, you keep your
arteries healthy, thereby reducing the risk of heart
ailments and other problems. Healthy arteries mean the
blood flows cleanly through your body, enabling you to live
a life that is healthy and happy.