50 Times People Without Kids Had Something Snarky To Say

Nowadays, having a child can be tough. There’s almost an infinite amount of pressure one feels from the responsibility of raising a baby. It involves countless nights of no sleep, tired mornings, barely an appetite, and patience that can topple mountains. The task is one that is only fit for certain people willing to muster the strength to do it.

For others, they’d rather avoid the entire thing like the plague. Babies, toddlers, infants, kids- no matter what they’re called, it’s all the same to these trailblazers who prefer not to raise a young life. Going against tradition has its sets of problems, though.

These 50 Twitter posts comment about preconceptions, experiences, and even discrimination towards those who prefer to lead a child-free life. If you’re a parent, take a peek into what you’ve been missing all these years. And if you’re still debating whether to have a child, then you need to read what some of these folks have to say about it!


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