Biologist Makes Amazing Anatomically-correct Miniatures of Animals

Fanni Sandor is a Hungary-based biologist and artist who creates some of the most amazing miniatures you can find on the internet. Sandor’s specialty is anatomically correct animals, which she crafts in a 1:12 scale using polymer clay.


Besides being incredibly detailed, Sandor’s creations are almost always being engaged in some intriguing scenario. This includes mice being in the middle of his way through bread leftovers or a chameleon chasing butterflies.


Sandor is making miniatures since childhood and has managed to perfect the process over time. This includes studying photos of her subjects, making sketches, and creating the basis for the miniature. Still, due to her attention to details, making one piece can take anywhere from two days to two weeks.

Check out more of Sandor’s miniatures below.


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