Feeding the family right is not just about stocking the refrigerator with plenty to eat. What the family consumes goes a long way in helping family members to maintain good health. Obesity has become a major problem in America and other parts of the world. It can lead to a number of health problems that can easily be avoided by making simple changes to cooking styles. For example, by choosing to grill instead of fry food, you are engaging in healthy cooking.

There are a number of healthy cooking tips you can incorporate into your cooking. We have put together a selection of easy to use, tips that you will find useful in adopting a healthy cooking method for your family’s meals and good health.

  • Salt is one of the most common ingredients found in almost every kitchen. In case you are wondering what the big deal in using salt is, too much salt can lead to sudden spikes in blood pressure leading to heart attacks, osteoporosis, inhibit the body’s absorption of calcium, cause kidney problems, dehydration and digestive problems. Quite a bagful for a few grains of white powder right! Let’s cut the quantity of salt we use in our food and replace it with spices, herbs, vinegar (flavored varieties) or lemon juice. In meat and soup dishes you can use garlic powder, paprika or dried parsley to substitute salt.
  • Steam, grill, bake or broil foods for the best nutritional value from the vegetables and meats. High temperatures cause foods to lose their nutrients very quickly.
  • Change your cooking oils; opt for canola for cooking and olive oil for your salads. Use oil very sparingly in cooking, choosing instead to use flavored vinegars or lemon juice for frying and moisture.
  • Roasting, stir frying or poaching food is always the better option when compared to frying foods. The danger in fried foods is the large quantity of oil meats and vegetables absorb.
  • Increase your intake of brown rice, whole wheat, barley and oatmeal, mash fruits and vegetables and avoid all manner of canned or processed vegetables and meats.
  • Taking time to select healthy ingredients for your dishes; it translates to less cooking time and better preservation of the natural nutrients.
  • Control high cholesterol levels and blood pressure by adding more tomatoes, onions, herbs and vinegar to daily diet.
  • If you cannot find organic produce, wash vegetables in a solution potassium permanganate and then rinse well under running water. This will help to get rid of all the pesticides and insecticides.

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