Here’s what dogs are saying when they cuddle you (Plus 74 other reasons behind what they do)

Dogs are the world’s most popular pet. They’re friendly, loyal, cuddly, and affectionate. They bring so much joy into our lives, waiting to greet us with wagging tails and wet kisses when we get home, always eager to head outside and explore the world with their owners.

But have you ever noticed your dog doing something strange and wondered what they were trying to tell you? Ever wished your dog could talk and explain how they’re feeling? Well, leading canine experts have broken down some of the most common dog behaviors to help dog owners gain a better understanding of their furry friends.

From fast tail wagging to intense eye contact, your canine companion could be saying a lot with their movements and habits. Here are 75 of those habits, translated from doggy speak into language we can all understand.

The Yawn

Yawning is actually something we have in common with dogs, so if you see your dog yawn, it’s probably for the same sort of reason you would yawn too. Your pup might be feeling a little sleepy, or they might be bored. They might also yawn in response to seeing someone else or another dog yawning near them.


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