These Alaskan Malamutes are a YouTube Sensation

Get ready to meet two YouTube sensations that will melt your heart in a minute! Tonka and Monroe, better known as Waterwolves, are two Alaskan Malamutes who gained a massive following on YouTube thanks to their funny and upbeat videos and lovely personalities.

@instagram: tonkaandmonroethewaterwolves

Their mother Bonnie deserves all the credit for Tonka and Monroe’s success because she was the one who started making creative videos of her pets. The first thing she videotaped was Tonka sitting on a big round swing and her granddaughter swinging him.

Bonnie’s mission is to create videos that will make people laugh and it seems that she’s doing a pretty going job with the help of her lovely companions. In an interview with Hello Bark, Bonnie said that she’s met a lot of people and has built strong connections thanks to their YouTube channel. Many of those people confessed that Tonka and Monroe’s videos have helped them through really hard times.

@instagram: tonkaandmonroethewaterwolves

What are the Malamutes’ personalities like, you wonder?

“Their personalities are completely different! Monroe is calm and quiet while Tonka is impatient and argumentative. They are both more like people than dogs. I believe it’s because I treat them like people and I expect more from them and they never let me down. They are both extremely intelligent,” Bonnie said in this interview.

If you’re interested in finding out more about these two furry creatures, make sure to check out their videos on YouTube.


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